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A5. We still love Twitter, there are exciting times ahead for both Twitter, ManageFlitter & our new product ManageSocial. #SocialRoi— Kevin Garber (@Ke_Ga) August 8, 2017

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We can't wait to show you ManageSocial! A smarter and faster way to work with Social Media. Coming soon.— ManageSocial (@ManageSocial) January 1, 2018

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We're building a better way to manage Social Media. Be part of the ManageSocial journey & become an Alpha Tester!— ManageSocial (@ManageSocial) July 3, 2017

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Review & Improve thumb_up Available to Alpha Testers! Do you understand the long term trends for your viral activity? Are campaigns you're running or people you're following working to increase engagement? Our Analytics tool can help you find out. Available for:

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Publish for Success send Available to Alpha Testers! Schedule, queue, discover and publish amazing content to Twitter and Instagram. Find out when your followers are online and get noticed among your followers. Available for: