Creating Community Around Live Events

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Thanks to all who participated in the ManageFlitter #SocialROI Twitter Chat on Tuesday, 30th April 2019.

Madalyn Sklar hosted a Twitter Chat with Jen Cole around the topic of “Creating Community Around Live Events”.

Details of our next Twitter Chat:

Guest: Leslie Samuel
Date & Time: Tuesday, 7th May 2019, 5.00pm EST
Channel: #SocialROI Chat

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Below is a curated version of the Twitter Chat with:

Jen Cole

DepICT Media


From the ManageSocial Team:

  1. Have you ever attended a live event and felt like part of a community? What made you feel this way?

Guest Questions:

  1. How can a strong community impact the success of live events?
  2. Why is it important to equip your community with messaging and images to share on social?
  3. How can marketers leverage geotargeting and live broadcasts to engage and build a community around an event?
  4. How do you foster and grow your community during a live event?
  5. How can attendees form meaningful and lasting connections at live events?
  6. Do you have any creative ways of sharing live event experiences with those following along online?
  7. What can marketers do to nurture a community once the live event has ended?

Ask the ManageSocial Team:

Answers from the ManageSocial Team

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